Jan 9 2018

Maya Message Attribute Example

it’s been a long time since i last post in this blog….
Today i did a bit of brushing up on “message” attributes for maya, which are very similar to #maxobject attribute type in max…

Anyway basic searches didn’t really link to full working examples so here’s you go folks 🙂
hopefully someone will find it useful…

import pymel.core as pm
def test():
    node = pm.PyNode('locator1')
    spheres = pm.ls('pSphere*',type='transform')

    #lets start easy with on object
    if not pm.attributeQuery('object1',node=node,exists=True):
    print 'Single Connection', pm.listConnections(node.object1) 
    #conncet a some more objects
    if not pm.attributeQuery('multiObject',node=node,exists=True):
        for s in spheres:pm.connectAttr(s.message,node.multiObject,na=True)
    print 'Multi Connection',pm.listConnections(node.multiObject) 
print '\n\n------>'

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