Jan 12 2012

Studio Level Managment Of Scripts and Tools in Maya

Today i started to do some online research on what are the current practice for script/and shelf deployment in maya.
the studio I’m currently working for is not a “Maya” house, but we’re getting to the point where often writing tools to convert scenes animated in maya, to something we can use in max. being that this is a somewhat esoteric topic i did not expect that my internet search would return much, but to my surprise i found this article by fellow TD Jonas Avrin.

he really does a great job at introducing the concept of the userSetup.mel as a ways of deploying his personal script from gig to gig.

which seems to me would also make a great starting point along with the mayaEnv.mel to starting the journey into the full time time management of Maya at the studio level.

this might not be anything new to maya TD’s but it was very informative to me 🙂




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