Jan 10 2012

Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) and object oriented Bounding Boxes

So a continuation of my previous post.. while trying to figure out how to implement SVD (Singular Value Decomposition) algorithm to figure out the best possible aligned bounding box for a set of points.
my friend Ghram Fyffe pointed my to a python library called “numpy” which has great SVD functions that is incredibly easy to use 🙂
seance 3ds max does not support python, i decided i would write the python code to read all the vertex information from a text file, and then overwrite the content of that text file with the resulting alignment matrix.
this method should be eazy to implement into any amp even if it does not have native python support.

i hope this code is helpful to you some one. here it is!

PCA optimized axis generator generator (now threaded)

By Carlos Anguiano
this script will process a text file with point data
and generate and optimized object orient bounding box for the point set
import time
import threading
import sys
import string
import numpy

import os
#this argument feed the script the folder which to parse for pointCloud data files
#PCFld = sys.argv[1]
PCFld = 'C:\Users\SCANLI~2\AppData\Local\Temp\PointCloudData'

def OptmizedTransformAxisFromPointCloadFile (infile):
     lines = open(infile,'r').readlines()
     lCount = len(lines)
     vAr = ""
     for i in range(lCount):
         l = lines[i]
         vector = (l.rstrip())
         vAr += vector

         if i != (lCount-1):
             vAr += ";"
     #once you turn the file content into a string list (look up charArrays) the magic happens
     m = numpy.matrix(vAr)
     USV = numpy.linalg.svd(m)
     return USV[2]

def formatData(data):
     lines = []
     for i in range(3):
         A = numpy.asarray(data[i])
         x = A[0][0]
         y = A[0][1]
         z = A[0][2]
         s = "["+str(x)+","+str(y)+","+str(z)+"]\n"
     return lines

class OptTransAxisFromPCF (threading.Thread):
     def __init__(self,filename):
         self.filename = filename

     def run(self):
         filename = self.filename
         axisData = OptmizedTransformAxisFromPointCloadFile(filename)
         lines = formatData(axisData)
         f = open(filename,'w')

def OptmizedTAxFromPCldFiles (Fldr):
     pcFiles = os.listdir(Fldr)
     if len(pcFiles) == 0:
         print "no files to process in this folder"
         return false

     for f in pcFiles:
         while(threading.activeCount()>=(maxThreads + 1)):
             print 'Waiting for a thread to free up...'
         absF = Fldr+"\\"+f
     while(threading.activeCount() != 1):


2 Responses to “Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) and object oriented Bounding Boxes”

  • Charles Says:

    Nice post Carlos,

    I’m guessing the use for .threading is for efficiency – so when you run loop through a bunch of files you spin each to a thread and then kill the thread once its completed.

    • Los Says:

      Hey Charles! thanks for the comment.. and sorry i waited so long to respond… I’ve been having some strange behavior with the comments and wordpress as of lately… to answer your question.. yes! the threading is so we can speed up the process of reading the reading and writing of the text files that serve as our middle man between max and python 🙂

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