Apr 3 2009

Brit animation and render test

Here are some videos of the Cartoony rigg in action.

i put this toghater when i was in the max 8 beta team, it was my way of testing max in character simple pipeline scenario.

[flv:http://www.losart3d.com/wp-content/Videos/BritWalk.flv 640 480]
[flv:http://www.losart3d.com/wp-content/Videos/funnyCloth.flv 640 480]
[flv:http://www.losart3d.com/wp-content/Videos/compTest.flv 640 480]

Apr 3 2009

B-Ballah!! school project 2001

This was a school project me and my buddy chris did, back in 2001.man that was a long time ago! 😀

[flv:http://www.losart3d.com/wp-content/Videos/BBMons.flv 640 480]

Mar 27 2009

3d Images from the old site

picks from the Hellgate cinematic i worked on at Blur Studios a few years ago.

picks from the Punisher game cinematics i worked on while at Blur.

Pics from the first Xman legends commercial i worked on at Blur.

Pics from a fantastic 4 toy commercial I worked on at Blur.

Pics from a short i made in Collage

Picks of early works i did in school and in my first gig out of school.

Mar 27 2009

Sketches from the old Stie